Love Home Orphanage

June 24th, 2016 | Realwoma

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Our love and concern for children who are the most vulnerable in the issues of maternal or parental demise, broken or dysfunctional homes, and sexual abuses including rape has made us expand our initial vision from women to children. Love Home Orphanage was officially opened to the public in December 2005.

 The Orphanage was established with the aim of catering for abused and abandoned children. In the home, the rights of the children are protected and they are provided with a comfortable home, loving care, nutritious meals, clothing, education and medical care.

It is a home where the dignity and honour of children is preserved even as they are projected towards their destinies. We give thanks to God for His enabling grace, wisdom and provision over the years so that we are able to nurture and transform the lives of these children and propel them towards an excellent future. The children’s well-being, obvious progress and excellent appearance has been a source of motivation for all who visit the orphanage.

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