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About RWF..

About Real Woman Foundation (RWF)

Nike Adeyemi (Founder) has always been naturally drawn to visiting orphanages and helping those in need around her. 

Back in her university days, she always spotted those who were hungry or in need and helped them in whatever way she could. She did not see what she was doing then as a call on her life, but kept on giving and helping.

However, in 1997, Mrs Nike Adeyemi became increasingly concerned about seeing commercial sex workers on the streets, especially in her neighbourhood – Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos. She did not understand why the ladies would waste their lives engaging in this activity.

Following the leading of the Holy Spirit and with a strong desire to reach out, she started talking to them about a better way of life until she became their confidant and friend.  The more she talked with them and heard their stories, the more love and compassion developed in her heart for them. She couldn’t shake off the feeling that each girl was somebody’s daughter wasting away. Her motherly instincts would not allow her to just walk away and leave them in the same state she met them. She got into their world and since then she has remained involved with helping them.
The RWF was birthed out of a passion to help transform the girls’ lives. Nike Adeyemi’s vision was to have a place (a home or hostel) where the ladies would live since she realised that many of them engaged in this trade because they came from dysfunctional families (Psalm 68:13). Nike believed they needed a family setting where they would be loved, nurtured, offered opportunities for education and progress so they could achieve their dreams and ultimately become re-integrated into the society as positive contributors.
Today, RWF is a registered NGO which depends on God’s wisdom and research so as to bring healing and empowerment to abused children and women. Our mission is simple – healing women and children; building nations.

How can i donate to the Foundation?

You can help us reach our goals of promoting and supporting women and children by;

1. Committing to a monthly/quarterly contribution in Naira(=N=) or any denomination
2. Make a one-time donation.

Or give in kind:

1. Clothes: for ladies and babies, nappies, towels and shoes
2. Feeding: Regular supply of foodstuffs, baby formula and provisions
3. Drugs: Vitamins and other off the shelf pharmaceutical products
4. Provisions: (For girls) sanitary towels, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet soap etc.
5. Education: Payments of school fees & Provision of educational materials.

Can i sponsor a child?

You can sponsor a child or lady by offering scholarship for Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Higher Institution or Vocational Education. See below a list of all our sponsors;

Daystar Christian Centre.
IFPF Hospital, Maryland.
Lifespring Montessori School, Magodo.
Mind Builders School, Alausa.
Oluade Barbing Salon.
Role Model Schools, Ikosi.
Siberance Ice.
Sponso A Child Through School.
Straitgate Nursery and Primary School, Magodo.
Triple Crown College Ketu.
Various Individuals and group of friends and others.

How can i volunteer?

If you want to volunteer to be part of this great work, please fill in your data in our contact form and send to us.