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What We Do

The Real Woman Seminar / Conference

The vision of the Real woman Foundation was conceived twenty four years ago by Nike Adeyemi. It was founded on the conviction to bring emotional healing and empowerment to women. The Foundation started out by holding timeless teachings that offered encouragement, restoration, direction and strength to women. Through the seminars which has now grown to conferences, she has taught the word of God in a practical, yet profound way.

At its inception, the seminar recorded a total number of one hundred and twenty people in attendance but as at last time of holding the seminar the number has grown to thousands in a single meeting.

The seminars have touched so many lives which is evidenced by scores of testimonies of changed lives.



Healing and empowering women and children, building nations.


To provide rehabilitation and skill training to economically and socially disadvantaged women and children, thereby empowering them to positively affect their families and the society.


Includes the following:

To help improve the social and economic status of women and children in the society.

To teach and preach the word of God through seminars, the electronic and mass media i.e. Television, Radio, Internet and Satellite.

To proffer solutions to some of the social vices that concern women and children in the society, through all available means including publications.

To provide rehabilitation centers i.e. hostels, education facilities, orphanages etc. for the less privileged especially prostitutes, abused women and children.

To organize counseling sessions, crusades and conferences locally and internationally.

Our Activities

Real Woman Seminar

For Girls Only  Workshop

Rehabilitation Programs
– Love Home (Orphanage)
– Peace Villa (Shelter for Ladies)
– Counseling

Life Skill Training
– Family School
– Vocational School

Real Woman Media
Outreaches to other NGOs and Homes etc.

How can i donate to the Foundation?

You can help us reach our goals of promoting and supporting women and children by;

1. Committing to a monthly/quarterly contribution in Naira(=N=) or any denomination
2. Make a one-time donation.

Or give in kind:

1. Clothes: for ladies and babies, nappies, towels and shoes
2. Feeding: Regular supply of foodstuffs, baby formula and provisions
3. Drugs: Vitamins and other off the shelf pharmaceutical products
4. Toiletries: (For girls) sanitary towels, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet soap etc.
5. Education: Payments of school fees & Provision of educational materials.

Can i sponsor a child?

You can sponsor a child or lady by offering scholarship for Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Higher Institution or Vocational Education.

Intending Sponsor? Please fill this form

How can i volunteer?

If you want to volunteer to be part of this great work, please fill in your data in our contact form and send to us.