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The Peace Villa (Reabilitation Centre)

Prostitution, Women and Child Trafficking, Abuse and Illicit Sex are epidemics destroying the fabrics of morality in our world today. Young girls are trafficked and forced into sex hawking to earn money so as to make a living. This is as a result of broken and dysfunctional families and this has led to high rate of people infected with HIV/AIDS, sexual transmitted diseases etc.

Peace Villa Rehabilitation Centre is in operation to give hope through rehabilitation and empowerment. The vision is to help sexually abused ladies and former commercial sex workers within the ages of 16 & 25 years. This is meant to give them another opportunity to be healed, empowered and live a normal life. Some of these ladies, who came into the Rehabilitation home without a sense of direction in life, have now been able to make a decision of who they want to become and where they want to be in life as a result of the personal transformation training curriculum prepared for them, which helps them mentally and morally.  The rehabilitation programme, which runs for six months, includes counselling and vocational training meant for those who are willing to participate fully in the programme.

After successfully going through the programme, each lady is expected to personally decide and develop the next course of action regarding their re-integration into the society.

Since inception the Centre has rehabilitated 106 (One hundred and six) ladies. Some of them are now graduates of Covenant University, Lead City University and Ambross Alli University, while some are married. Most of them are gainfully employed, some of them completed their rehabilitation and empowerment programme and were re-integrated into the larger society.  The success stories of some of these ladies have been remarkable.

We ask that you join us in our crusade so that we can put an end to these devouring epidemics. Please don’t let another wounded soul die on your street, in your community and the nation at large.

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“Rehabilitation and empowerment of abused ladies”.

“To heal and develop abused ladies who will become responsible adults and helpful to others who may experience the same abuse like them in the society”.